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Laser Lipo Honolulu offers a free initial treatment!  The free lipo laser initial treatment is a safer way to lose fat and is complimentary with your free initial consultation.  It is not too difficult to find a practice that is offering the lipo laser procedure.  What use to be a relatively rare and expensive procedure has become more mainstream and easy to find.  For a very limited time, the first 10 patients will receive a FREE first treatment.  All you have to do is enter your name and email address and you will receive a free certificate through email.  You will also receive instructions so you can redeem your free certificate for the first treatment in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Giving your phone number is optional, but those who do provide a number will also receive special discounts and offers through text messages.  The company often sends out special coupon codes through text messages.  Our office is located in Honolulu.  You will receive the address and contact information with the free certificate through email.

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Laser Lipo Honolulu

Laser Lipo Honolulu – Liposuction Alternatives

It is now easier to lose fat without having to undergo traditional liposuction or tummy tucks.  If you have done any research you know that traditional lipo suction and cosmetic surgery comes with a lot of risks and is very dangerous.  The laser lipo Honolulu office uses a non-surgical cold laser.  The alternative to a tumescent liposuction procedure takes place in the doctor’s office.  In addition you do not need to take any medication.  Most of all, the procedure is virtually pain free and has very few minor side effects.  The new procedure has appeared in several places in the media and on television.

Now deposits of fat can actually be targeted and reduced without the need for plastic surgery.  This even includes places where fat accumulates and where it is the most difficult to lose.  This is much faster than exercising for months and is one of the best liposuction alternatives.  In addition, you should watch what you eat for your own general health, but extreme diets are not necessary in conjunction with this procedure.  You will not need to take any toxic medications that may cause side effects like you would have to with traditional liposuction.  In addition, you will recover very quickly from the procedure.  Laser lipo is an alternative to smart lipo and it is not like traditional liposuction where a machine sucks the fat right out of you in a violent and painful way.

  • The Lapex BCS Lipo Laser works by selectively targeting fat that you do not want to have on your body
  • It is actually a cold laser so no heat is used
  • These cold lasers actually produce a light that opens the fat cells in the body
  • In essence, the fat cells in your body are deflated and the fat leaks out
  • The best part of the procedure is that since it is a cold laser the surrounding tissues are not affected by any thermal temperatures
  • The tissues of the body are actually stimulated and they function to biologically absorb fat
  • Essentially what happens is the fat cells in the body are opened with the laser and the fat actually leaks into the interstitial space in your body
  • The fat is broken down in the interstitial space in a completely natural way and the lymphatic system eliminates the waste from the body
  • Once this process takes place the excess fat is eliminated from the body and excreted.  Most of the process takes place within the 40 min office visit time frame

The use of the lipo laser actually originated as part of the traditional liposuction procedure.  However it is now used by itself and can remove several inches of fat from some people without any surgery.  What use to happen is these lasers were used to turn fat into a liquid before the fat was sucked out during liposuction.  There have been numerous trials that have shown some people lose several inches of fat from the procedure alone.  These people did not go on any special diet and did not increase their exercise regimen.  Most of the fat was eliminated from the stomach, hips and thighs of certain people.  Make an appointment and see for yourself how the cold lipo laser can reduce the appearance of fat on the spot.

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Laser Lipo Honolulu

Laser Lipo Honolulu – Smart Lipo – Cosmetic Surgery Alternative

Dr. Paul Maguire DC has been using the laser liposuction procedure and has decided to offer a select number of people their first treatment for free!  You will also receive a consultation before your procedure so you can determine if it is the best way for you to lose weight in the long term.

Treatment will be provided at the Honolulu, Hawaii office by Nevada Health Care Affiliates LLC.  Recent studies have shown that some people lose an average of 3 inches or more with a series of treatments.  There are some people who have lost even more but results may vary depending on the individual.  Some people lose more weight than others based on their age and health.  Other people may lose more weight because they exercise more or watch what they eat because of a special diet.  There are many other contributing factors that can affect the outcome of the laser lipo Honolulu treatment.

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Laser Lipo Honolulu

Several testimonials are available and they may be from the company’s office, other offices of other companies, or generic testimonials.  Not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment.  Some patients may not be eligible for the treatment due to certain health conditions.  In addition, this treatment alone will not usually give a person long term satisfying results.  The people who get the best results also follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.  Patients will be treated by a staff doctor that is a licensed DC.  The Lapex BCS LipoLaser is a trademark of Meridian Medical.  Some patients choose to undergo more treatments for quicker results.  A typical accelerated treatment program would be three sessions per week for approximately 40 minutes each.  They would continue this treatment plan for approximately two or three weeks until they achieve the desired look and result.  Any photos are from individuals and their results are unique.  Your results may not be the same as shown in the photos.  Dr. Paul Maguire DC is the owner of Nevada Health Care Affiliates LLC.  He is licensed in California, Nevada and Hawaii.  The $379 value free certificate has no cash value and can only be redeemed at the Laser Lipo Honolulu office in Hawaii.

* No Cash Value

Compensated Affiliate Disclosure

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Laser Lipo Honolulu

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